Our Mission is to empower a generation of leaders committed to reducing poverty and racism and the achievement gap, LEAP4change coaches students and professionals, from all demographics around the globe, to work in diverse partnerships, master leadership, and emotional intelligence, and make an exponential impact on our world. WHAT IS LEAP4Change? Leaders Educated, Accountable … Continue reading OUR MISSION AND CRITERIA


Education… Impacts Our World

Brooks and PEN Sierra Leone: LEAP4Literacy Mission and Vision: To leverage literacy to inspire student leaders, writers and global education, LEAP4 literacy connects students from USA and Sierra Leone to read, analyze and reflect on A Long Way Gone. Global classrooms inspire leadership, cultural competence, appreciation for education, literacy, writing and empathy. Project: Connect Brooks School English … Continue reading Education… Impacts Our World

Health and Wellness… Impacts Our World

LEAP4 Anti-Bullying and Social Enterprise Mission and Vision: In afterschool programs, students from diverse US and Global communities design ways to impact bullying and educate peers on how to build a stronger community. Coaches work to empower youth with the confidence and tools to believe they are integral to the kindness, empathy and strength of their … Continue reading Health and Wellness… Impacts Our World

Meet LEAP’s Head of Marketing and Development! Carla Friedman

My name is Carla Friedman. I am a native of Fargo, North Dakota. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. For six years I served as the Youth Program Manager for the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family in Phoenix, Arizona, where I was responsible for … Continue reading Meet LEAP’s Head of Marketing and Development! Carla Friedman

Meet LEAP’s Intern! Owen Toland

On my first day of the LEAP program, I gained new insights regarding accountability and response ability. During the session, we watched a clip from Steven Spielberg, Schindler's List. Schindler, the nazi-factory owner held himself accountable for his association with the nazi party. Although Schindler saved and protected hundreds of Jews, he acted with honor … Continue reading Meet LEAP’s Intern! Owen Toland

Meet LEAP’s Head of Global Partnerships: Romy Solomon!

Romy Solomon is a leadership coach and program development specialist. Prior to joining LEAP4change, Romy gained over 5 years of experience internationally, managing youth leadership development, experiential education, and human trafficking prevention programs in the Republic of Moldova, Romania, and India. Romy was born and raised in New York City. She graduated from the University … Continue reading Meet LEAP’s Head of Global Partnerships: Romy Solomon!