Hello! My name is Lydia Jun and I currently live in Darien, Ct and work full-time for LEAP as Program Development. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca. I graduated a year ago from Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vt with a major in Economics and minors in Studio Art and Sociology. My long-term goal is to champion private equity in emerging markets for the purpose of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

LEAP understands cultural competence, leadership and entrepreneurship are requirements for the leaders of tomorrow. I currently lead our team of six interns and three volunteers to implement our summer goals. Projects include implementing a virtual hub for all our partnerships and missions to consolidate our communication and file share; launching our first newsprint-style online magazine and quarterly update newsletter; creating a business plan framework for LEAP as well as its Ugandan microfinance branch; obtaining coverage from local newspapers; creating a documentary of a recent trip to train our Nicaragua partners in leadership; and establishing new LEAP partnerships in Costa Rica and India.

Outside of LEAP, I enjoy exploring my creative side such as painting, rummaging through tag sales, reading fiction and writing short stories. I always look for opportunities to travel and to meet and learn from people on different walks of life; I spent the entire last year living in Middlebury, Seattle, Denver, New York City, Los Angeles and traveling on a cross country road trip before I settled in Darien two months ago. I also enjoy engaging in new activities: last year, I milked my first cow, rode a horse bareback in a pasture, attended my first demolition derby, played in a natural foods companies kickball tournament in Boulder, embarked on a cross country road trip with two perfect strangers and rode on the back of a motorcycle.


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