Our Mission is to empower a generation of leaders committed to reducing poverty and racism and the achievement gap, LEAP4change coaches students and professionals, from all demographics around the globe, to work in diverse partnerships, master leadership, and emotional intelligence, and make an exponential impact on our world.


Leaders Educated, Accountable and Partnered for Change is the coaching and consulting program that trains students to become effective leaders, coached to enact real change through diverse collaboration.

LEAP4Change is a proven method for cultivating the personal skills and tools necessary to achieve success in today’s ultra-competitive global world.

LEAP students and partners commit to diverse team building, leadership, entrepreneurship, local and global impact, and personal marketing and branding.

Every LEAP adheres to the following criteria:

  1. Diversity and Inclusion
  2. Local and Global Leadership
  3. Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
  4. Social and Business Entrepreneurship
  5. Community Building
  6. Sustainable and documented impact
  7. Personal branding and marketing
  8. Access to Higher Education, Internships and Employment
  9. Training of trainers

Where We Are


LEAP teams of students are at work in local and global communities around the globe.  From Nicaragua to Harlem, Mexico to Darien, New Canaan to Kenya, Uganda to Norwalk, PA to Guatemala, Romania to Moldova…

In not 1, but 3 communities at at time, LEAP students and partners are committed to train, envision and build empowerment programs that inspire positive, exponential impact on leadership, diverse team building, entrepreneurship, employment and social change.


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