Education… Impacts Our World

Brooks and PEN Sierra Leone: LEAP4Literacy Mission and Vision: To leverage literacy to inspire student leaders, writers and global education, LEAP4 literacy connects students from USA and Sierra Leone to read, analyze and reflect on A Long Way Gone. Global classrooms inspire leadership, cultural competence, appreciation for education, literacy, writing and empathy. Project: Connect Brooks School English … Continue reading Education… Impacts Our World


Health and Wellness… Impacts Our World

LEAP4 Anti-Bullying and Social Enterprise Mission and Vision: In afterschool programs, students from diverse US and Global communities design ways to impact bullying and educate peers on how to build a stronger community. Coaches work to empower youth with the confidence and tools to believe they are integral to the kindness, empathy and strength of their … Continue reading Health and Wellness… Impacts Our World

Environment… Impacts Our World

LEAP4 Garbage to Energy Mission and Vision: Use science and education to solve environmental and health issues while simultaneously inspiring financial independence. To work at scale, students built a developed a micro-enterprise garbage to energy program and improved the health and environment in Kibera, Kenya. Project: As a team of diverse global leaders in both the US … Continue reading Environment… Impacts Our World

Business Development… Impacts our World

DBZ: LEAP4 Micro-enterprise CT and Uganda Mission and Vision: Coach and train young adults and NGO’s to integrate personal passion, leadership, entrepreneurship, and micro-enterprise to build stronger communities and inspire sustainable change. Students and professionals are coached to develop a cycle of empowerment to run their own business but remain committed to support those more at … Continue reading Business Development… Impacts our World

Arts… Impact our World

  LEAP4 Education through the Arts Harlem, NY, Sonora, Mexico MISSION: Leverage art in after school programs to inspire leadership and impact literacy in global affluent and non affluent communities. VISION: Develop young artists to know themselves as capable leaders committed to use art and literacy to reduce poverty. Project: Trained ADI teachers offer weekly art workshops designed … Continue reading Arts… Impact our World

Sports… Impacts Our World

LEAP4 Kumazima Soccer Academy Mission and Vision: LEAP Kumazima Soccer Academy trains male youth in soccer and leadership in Kampala, Uganda. Participants are coached by empowered leaders and coaches committed to building stronger communities. Project: LEAP Kumazima uses soccer to engage the male youth and elders in our community. The Soccer and Leadership program allows community members … Continue reading Sports… Impacts Our World

Social Justice… Impacts Our World

LEAP4 Human Trafficking Prevention Mission: To empower high school students to understand human trafficking and its root causes and take initiative to prevent it locally and globally. Vision: We envision a world where young people feel they have the knowledge, power, and tools to prevent human trafficking and modern day slavery. We will create a platform where … Continue reading Social Justice… Impacts Our World